Discover a Safe Inspection Method

Survey your property with our drones

Any large-scale industrial operation can benefit from the use of drones. Whether you're inspecting a large facility or surveying an oil or gas land claim, drones can get the job done and keep humans from venturing into risky inspection areas.

Email Ground Control UAS today if you need a drone inspection.

If you’re purchasing land for oil or gas drilling, you’ll need to survey your claim. Using a drone for your inspection allows for a safe and convenient inspection. Our drones can:

  • Save you money—you don’t need to hire extra manpower
  • Keep your employees safe—no one needs to inspect difficult-to-reach areas
  • Create fantastic marketing materials—you can use the footage collected by our drones for your marketing campaign

When you’re ready to inspect your new land claim, our professional pilots are ready to help. Contact us now if you’d like to schedule a drone inspection.